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Click-to-Call is the Toll-Free Number Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For


What is Click-To-Call? Click-to-call is a great alternative to toll-free numbers because it gives your customers an easy and direct line to your organization. Wherever your customer base is located, they can get immediate answers to any questions that they have, making them more likely to buy. How Click-To-Call Can Help Your Organization No matter […]

Livecaller’s founding story

LiveCaller offers a comprehensive solution that consolidates various communication channels such as Chat, Call, Co-Browsing, and Social Messaging Apps into a single platform. This all-in-one solution enables effective communication between businesses and customers, leading to improved sales, customer satisfaction, and overall success. Although our journey began with a simple web call, there is a captivating […]

Our Roadmap

In progress: Mobile Application Planned: Chat, Call Trigger & Notification – Triggers allow you to set up automated actions when certain conditions are met. Show pop-up notification based on custom triggers. User side conversations history and ability to re-engage same conversation – It allows to save each chat history from user side in the widget, […] – How LiveCaller widget is helping websites and their customers?!

Boost Website Engagement and Customer Support with LiveCaller Widget Integration Discover the seamless integration of LiveCaller widget on any website, enabling visitors to effortlessly connect with customer service and obtain comprehensive information. Onoff, a pioneering platform, has leveraged the power of LiveCaller to drive successful interactions. Revolutionizing Customer Communication for Businesses With its inception just […]

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Livecaller – An Empowering Tool

Having a happy customer is a goal for every business, but in some cases, such goals can be more challenging to achieve than we would like. Sometimes customers complain, spreading their negative thoughts through social media, eventually giving you a hard time.  Sometimes getting negative feedback is inevitable, but we can control it through sustained […]