Click-to-Call is the Toll-Free Number Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For

Giga Gotsiridze

Last Updated :June 24, 2023
Published On :June 24, 2023

What is Click-To-Call?

Click-to-call is a great alternative to toll-free numbers because it gives your customers an easy and direct line to your organization. Wherever your customer base is located, they can get immediate answers to any questions that they have, making them more likely to buy.

How Click-To-Call Can Help Your Organization

No matter how much useful information your website has, sometimes your potential customers just want to talk to somebody. Whether they’re looking to get some more information before they buy or have a support issue that can’t wait for an email, click-to-call software allows users immediate access to a real live human who can help them with their needs.

Boost Your Conversion Rate

In general, incoming phone calls on their own already have a conversion rate between 30-50% and most of that is coming from mobile users. If a user is making a phone call, they’re already primed to buy and likely just looking for a little more info before making the leap.

A study by Forrester Research found that click-to-call services increase ROI by 143% on average. Let that number sink in.

Another study found that anywhere between 30-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first. Click-to-call allows you to create a system where users can receive an immediate response, encouraging them to purchase from you.

In addition to making it easier for users to get in direct contact with someone from your organization, when you’ve got them on the phone you have more opportunities to upsell your products, which can result in up to 23% more overall sales.

Improve the Mobile Experience

In the last seven years, mobile traffic has increased by over 200% and more than half of the world’s web traffic is from mobile devices, so streamlining your users’ mobile experience is essential for seeing growth.

If those figures aren’t enough to convince you to focus on mobile users, take a look at this. In 2014, mobile devices only accounted for 11.6% of total global e-commerce. By 2021, that number is expected to grow to 54%.

When it comes to click-to-talk, in 2019 60% of smartphone users report having contacted businesses directly using click-to-call options.

Connect With Your User Base

Another benefit to click-to-call services is that it gives your user base direct access to you, allowing you to strengthen and reaffirm the relationship.

If your products or services are catered towards Millennials (ages 23-38), this is even more important, as they prefer to connect directly with companies before making purchasing decisions. They also account for more than $1.3 trillion in spending annually.

Click-to-talk gives your users direct access to you, but it also allows you to collect important data on them. The right software will provide you with insights on who is engaging with you, how, and ways you can improve by tracking key performance indicators.

Create a Consistent User Experience

Whether your customers are using mobile, desktop, or a combination of the two, they’re looking to have the same experience and they’re willing to pay more to companies who can provide a positive and consistent customer experience.

Click-to-talk allows customers to receive an easy, streamlined experience no matter what kind of device they’re shopping on.

Save Your Budget

Many companies find that they’re spending money without seeing a good return on the investment. Adapting your website to meet the needs of your users and delivering a high-quality customer experience is the key to building a thriving business.

Click-to-call services allow you to increase your conversions and are a cost-effective toll-free number alternative. Having your phone number prominently displayed on your website is a good first step, but giving your users a click-to-call button makes it even easier for users and doesn’t require them to switch between apps.


No matter what you’re selling, click-to-call is an accessible toll-free number alternative that will increase engagement with your user base, leading to a higher conversion percentage. It’s an affordable and easy way to improve your business model.

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